In our In our 21st century, when great achievements are being made, when going into outer space is no longer science fiction, when no part of the world is more than a few hours away, and when people at opposite ends of the globe can engage in real-time conversations, some segments of our society seem to be feeling nostalgic for racist ideas and practices.

Marianne Williamson speaks of “Dark Underbelly of American Society”

       In the July 30 CNN Democratic Presidential Debate, Marianne Williamson, a democratic candidate for the U.S. presidency, observed: “This is part of the dark underbelly of American society – the racism, the bigotry.” Everyone who follows the news is aware of the vile racism that is part of everyday discussions at the highest levels of American politics. Williamson has spoken truth.

                                        Implicit Bias

       Although many people may despise explicit racist views, there is a lingering of implicit bias that surreptitiously feeds this racism and bigotry. But our 21st century society is better than this. Regardless of where you live, what nation you may call home, regardless of your race, ethnicity, or other difference, racism and bigotry should be taboo, as they threaten our freedoms globally.

                           Respect is Only Human

        What we need to do is to exterminate these vile ideas of racism and bigotry through embracing respect. Respect is Only Human: A Response to Disrespect and Implicit Bias is a book that discusses how disrespect is at the base of racism and bigotry and all the other –isms that deprive us of our humanity. This book also provides workable solutions, most grounded in peer-reviewed and evidence-based research, which focus on eliminating implicit bias, the fuel for racism and bigotry.

Respect is Only Human: A Response to Disrespect and Implicit Bias (2019) is available from Amazon at or from Lulu or other book distribution channels.

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