About Series

Successful Youth Living Series

Successful Youth Living is a series of books, dealing with issues, which older teens and young adults face as they go through the uncertainty of adolescence.  A few of the topics dealt with are: becoming a leader in your own right without being a bully; learning how to assume responsibility; fostering positive attitudes and habits for self-growth; learning how to continue your education regardless of where you stopped or whether you dropped out; developing emotional intelligence and caring for self and others; learning how to deal with stress; recognizing the importance of personal reflection; and being a person that others admire for the right reasons.

The ‘seed’ for these volumes was actually planted when the author, then a teenager on a scholarship, almost dropped out of university because of her inability to deal with many issues that had nothing to do with school.  Thanks to the insightfulness and mentorship of a professor, the author became a teen mentor and since then have committed herself to paying it forward by looking out for vulnerable teens and young adults that have lost their way, the way she had almost lost hers. After years of further study, a career as an educator working with children, teens and young adults, years as a volunteer in marginalized communities and as a columnist in a weekly community newspaper, Israelin has recognized that many of the issues plaguing adolescents have not changed. She has therefore decided to share ideas she has gleaned from personal experience, as well as from her students, readers, studies, and from peer reviewed articles.  The hope is that these ideas would be a catalyst for thinking and discussion among teens and young adults, preparing them for making split minute decisions that they may face in the future.

See the series here:https://www.successfulyouthliving.com